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Bor Krai Cave (Mae Hong Son Province)

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Bor Krai Cave,  Chiang Dao Cave, Lot Cave, Mae Lana Cave, Muang On Cave

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The Bor Krai cave is one of the finest surviving log coffin sites, with many coffins in excellent condition and a greater range of coffin head styles than any other site. The site is unusual because the 3x3 m entrance is tucked away in the forest rather than high up on a cliff face as is more typical for log coffin sites in Pang Ma Pha. The cave is on two levels separated by a 5 m vertical drop. The upper level consists of a single chamber which is partially day-lit and has only a few coffin fragments in poor condition.

The lower level consists of two chambers which are absolutely dark and tomb-like. The first chamber is dominated by two magnificent coffins complete with lids and still on their supporting columns. The floor is littered with a profusion of broken coffins carved in a wide variety of unique styles, including some with heads carved in the shape of an animal. The inner chamber is long and narrow and packed with coffins on 2 tiers. Some coffins are supported by posts hewn from older coffins. The 2 cm holes near the end of almost all of the coffins are not part of the original design but were made in 2001 by a research team from Mahidol Universiy who were trying to study the prehistorical environment from the tree rings (Sidisunthorn et al., 2006).

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